How to Conserve More Energy at Home and Work

Just about everything we do has an ultimate goal:  helping you to live more comfortably, conveniently, and safely, and all while reducing your home energy costs.

Here are just a few of many examples:

  • High efficiency AC and heating systems
  • Ductless air systems that heat and cool your whole house or only those rooms or areas that need it
  • Programmable thermostats with Wi-Fi access
  • Whole-house zoning control
  • Humidity control systems
  • Two-way ceiling fan installation
  • And more

But what about all the things you can do on your own to further your own cause?

First, we’d like to direct your attention to a list of energy-saving tips provided by the California ISO (Independent System Operator).  You’ll find energy-conservation tips your employ at home, from turning off unnecessary lights to running only full dishwater loads, and always after 9 PM.

On the same website, you can sign up for a Flex Alert! A Flex Alert is a notification from California ISO to conserve electricity during heat waves when power use outstrips electricity supply and at other challenging times, like when power plants or power lines are unexpectedly unavailable, thus making electricity deliveries difficult.

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Thank you from all of us at Plenarius Comfort Solutions.