Energy Efficiency Financing

Energy Efficiency Financing

Plenarius is a CaliforniaFirst Renewable
Energy and Efficiency Financing Partner.

energyCaliforniaFirst is a public/private financing program that provides upfront funding for a wide variety of home energy efficiency projects, including:

  • Central AC System
  • Furnace
  • Combined Heating & Cooling System
  • Solar Electrical System

Plenarius offers all of the above along with other key indoor comfort and safety solutions. Accordingly, and as a CaliforniaFirst Renewable Energy and Efficiency Financing Partner, we can help you obtain funding in advance to pay for the project(s) of your choice. A unique aspect of this program is that repayment is made in conjunction with your property tax payments. Should you decide to move, the buyer of your home assumes the balance due on your loan.

More program details:

  • Property-based financing. Your eligibility is not determined by your FICO score, personal income, or debt-to-income ratio.
  • 100% financing is available up to $200,000, or up to 15% of your total property value
  • Flexible repayment terms. From 5 to 25 years.
  • Interest rates starting at 6.75%, which is lower than most home equity financing

Plus, the money you save on your utility bills usually offsets your loan repayment costs, which then makes the project FREE.

Other Financing Options

CaliforniaFirst is just one of several financing programs we offer for system repairs and replacement. Other options include:

  • 18-month same as cash
  • Interest free financing
  • We even have programs for people or families with low credit scores

Contact Plenarius today, your local CaliforniaFirst Renewalbe Energy and Efficiency Financing Partner, for more information or a quote on a loan qualifying system.