Heat & Cool for Less

Heat & Cool Your Home for Less in Yuba City

All Those in Favor of Reducing Their Monthly Utility Costs, Say “Green!”

heatNo, not green cheese.

Green living. As in, cutting your monthly overhead while simultaneously showing the planet a little love. We all have it in us, and sometimes all it takes is a gentle reminder or a bright, new idea for us to accomplish a little more.

So consider the following a combination of gentle nudges and, hopefully, a fresh idea or two on how you can heat and cool your home for less.

Heat Your Home for Less in Yuba City and Neighboring Communities

  1. Lower the thermostat a degree or two beyond your norm and up-dress accordingly. Every little bit helps.
  2. Clean or replace your filter once a month.
  3. Have your heating system professionally serviced by Plenarius at least once a year.
  4. Make sure all vents, registers, and baseboard units are unobstructed.
  5. Vacuum vents, registers, and baseboard units periodically.
  6. Repair or replace cracked window caulking
  7. Repair or replace weather stripping around your doors, especially where you can feel drafts entering.
  8. Have a professional home energy audit performed to find all those places where conditioned air is leaving your home and heating anything BUT your living spaces.
  9. Consider adding one or more zones to your home if you do not occupy all rooms in equal amounts.
  10. Have each zone controlled by a programmable thermostat, especially one with remote Wi-Fi access for the ultimate in home temperature control.

Cool Your Home for Less in Yuba City and
Neighboring Communities

heat2Many of the tips above apply to home cooling, too, so here we present 10 completely different energy-saving tips.

  1. Cover sun-facing windows when the sun is making direct contact.
  2. Consider installing a whole-house attic fan that you can start operating once the indoor temperature dips below the outdoor temperature.
  3. Add one or more ceiling fans to your home and run them so air is being drawn toward the ceiling, the opposite of the winter-time setting.
  4. Consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier. That way, you’ll feel just as cool as you do now at a higher temperature setting.
  5. Arrange your furniture so that airflow is not restricted.
  6. Reduce the amount of time you spend cooking, especially during the hottest times of day. You can cook two or three meals at a time, use your outdoor grill more often, load up on salads and fresh fruits and veggies, etc.
  7. Have your ducts cleaned at least every four years for improved air flow.
  8. Wear lightweight fabrics so you require less cool air.
  9. When your feet are cool, your whole body feels cool, so soak your feet in cold water to refresh yourself.
  10. Keep yourself well hydrated as one more way to reduce your body heat.

What works best for you to save money on heating or cooling your home? If you have one or more tips you’d like to share with us that you don’t already see on this page, please send them to us and we’ll be glad to post them!