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Indoor Comfort Levels: Sublime. Reduction on Heating Utility Costs: Surprising.

heatingAt Plenarius Comfort Solutions, that’s the kind of customer report cards we get all winter long. Not by accident, either. We work darn hard at it.

You see, first and foremost, we already know you expect to be warm and comfortable. But we also know ways to accomplish that goal while also providing you with:

  • Fewer if any repairs
  • Longer system lifespan to help maximize your investment in home heating
  • Consistently lower-than-normal utility costs
  • Added safety
  • Elimination of hot and cold spots

All of that, and more, comes from annual preventative maintenance.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Yuba City | Heating System Tune-up and Inspection Yuba City

What’s the big deal about preventative maintenance, and why should you have it faithfully and professionally performed at least once a year?

Glad you asked.

Your heating system is already operating at a handicap, starting from the day it’s installed. It’s only supposed to last 15-20 years, but those are the national averages that include the majority of home owners who rarely if ever seek professional maintenance services.

At Plenarius Comfort Solutions, we’ll remind you as often as it takes to let us care for your system on an ongoing basis. In the end, you really can expect it to last you longer, keep your energy costs down…and all that means a total lower cost of ownership and operation.

Contact us today or anytime, and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Or call now to schedule service, and we can talk more about it in person.