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So Many Options, and Just the Right Company to Help You Explore Them.

heating2You think it’s tough picking out a new pair of shoes and a dress, let’s say, for your 15th high school reunion.

Well, maybe, but when was the last time you tried buying a new or replacement home heating system. At least when it comes to the shoes and dress, ultimately you’re more than capable of making your own decision.

But without expert guidance, you’re bound to wind up disappointed if you try picking out your own heating system. So less number one: don’t even try it. Especially when you have Plenarius Comfort Solutions to walk you through every step of the process.

For starters, we don’t assume that all you want is the new and improved version of the system you already have. The times have changed, you have more system options than ever, and at least some of the newer ones are definitely worth considering.

With an air source or ground source heat pump, for example, you’ll have one system that takes the place of two, providing year-round heating and cooling as needed. They cost more, typically, than standalone heating and cooling systems, but you’ll make back the difference, and then some, with off-the-charts energy savings.

Plus with Plenarius handling design and installation, you also have a Certified Heat Exchanger Expert on your team for your added peace of mind that the job is being handled by a recognized industry pro.

Outstanding Savings

On average, our heating and cooling customers save more than $2,400 per year on their utility costs with Plenarius Comfort Solutions.

So let’s talk. We’ll take a look at your current heating system.  Examine your home to see where air might be leaking so we can help cut your energy costs even more. Find out what’s most important to you in a new home heating system. In short, we’ll do a very thorough job of evaluating your home and indoor comfort needs before recommending the right system for you.

With Plenarius, you’ll be in very knowledgeable, caring, and capable hands.