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AC and Heating Systems Can’t Do EVERYTHING! Not by Themselves, Anyway.

blogIt’s no fun getting a phone call like this one, which we frequently do:

“Hi, we just had a new AC system installed (no, sorry, not by you), and while it’s cool enough, my husband, who suffers terribly from allergies, is still sneezing and coughing like crazy.”

“Well, let me ask you: does your new system include whole-house air filtration?”

“Whole-house what…?”

And you can pretty much imagine the rest.

First, AC or heating systems – new or existing – can’t do much to provide steady and effective relief for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other upper respiratory ailments. But with a little help from the indoor air quality specialists at Plenarius, they can do quite a bit more.

Whole-House Air Purifiers

Here at Plenarius Comfort, we are the only certified installer of the RGF REME HALO whole-house air purifier in the Greater Sacramento area.  The system’s patented technology is so effective it kills 99% of most germs, bacteria and viruses on surfaces AND in the air.  The REME HALO air purifier also reduces dust, allergens, pet dander and smoke by-products that can otherwise wreak havoc with your good health.  The REME HALO is used in government buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and great homes like yours worldwide.  And now, Plenarius Comfort can install one in your home too.  Here’s a short video well-worth watching on the REME HALO…the air purifier that’s like a flu shot for your home.

Duct Sealing

Once your duct work develops a crack or leak, it’s like an open door for all dust and other airborne pollutants to freely enter and then follow the flow of air right into your living quarters. By regularly inspecting and, when necessary, having your ducts professionally sealed or repaired, you have yet another means to help keep your home pollutant free.

Duct Cleaning

Even well-sealed ducts attract and hold onto potentially vast quantities of airborne pollutants, the kind that enter through your vents and registers. That’s why the EPA recommends that you have your ducts regularly cleaned…here at Plenarius, we recommend a thorough duct cleaning at least every four years.

Whole-House Dehumidifier

Some people are wild about winter, others not so much. No matter which camp you belong to, one thing’s certain: people spend more time indoors with the windows closed during the colder weather months, and that generally leads to more coughs, colds, and all the rest. Well, in this case, “all the rest” can and often does include symptoms that are often caused by dry indoor air. These include: bloody noses, dry skin, exaggerated problems with asthma, and more. But these problems can be eased and even wiped out with a whole-house humidifier from Plenarius. Added moisture in the air will also help bring down your home heating costs.

To learn more about our many indoor air quality solutions, and those that might be best suited for your particular needs, contact Plenarius today. Your local, hometown indoor air quality specialists.