Keep Cool & Cut Your Energy Costs with a Ceiling Fan

If you already have a central air conditioning system, why bother with a ceiling fan except, of course, for aesthetic reasons?

Here’s why: a ceiling fan running counter-clockwise can help you feel cooler at the same temperature setting. Looked at another way, you can raise the thermostat while running a fan and cut your energy costs without sacrificing any indoor comfort.

Ceiling fans circulate cool air more than a central air system can do on its own. In fact, a good ceiling fan can make a room feel up to eight degrees cooler than it really is from the cooling affect that moving air has on your body.

For every degree you raise your thermostat during the summer, you’ll save up to 3% on your electricity bill. Raise the thermostat by five degrees or so, and you’ll have a noticeable savings come your next electricity bill.

A ceiling fan can work the same kind of magic come winter, too. Once the AC system is turned off and your furnace is back on, simply reverse the direction from counter-clockwise to clockwise. That enables the fan can push the heated air back down into your living space, thus requiring less heat from your furnace for all to feel as comfortable as you please.

How many ceiling fans might be right for your home? That depends, in part, on how much you’re looking to cut your energy costs. For more information and a free estimate on ceiling fan installation, contact Plenarius Comfort Solutions today. We’re dedicated to your family’s year-round indoor comfort AND to helping you meet your energy-saving goals.

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