The Benefits of a Ductless Air System

How much do you really know about your home heating and cooling systems? Take your AC system, for example. Do you know why you have two main components: one indoors and one out? Or how you would cool your home if you didn’t have space for air ducts?

Let’s address that last question for now. Because if you’ve been told that you can’t enjoy all the benefits that central air can provide without air ducts, you’ve been misinformed.

Today, Plenarius Comfort Solutions offers you a terrific alternative: a ductless air system. Here are its primary features: 

  • Your choice of cooling only or cooling and heating combined
  • Your choice of whole- or partial-home indoor comfort
  • Each system has at least one outdoor condensing unit, but no inside air handler or air ducts. Instead, condensing units connect to wall blowers that distribute the conditioned air one room or space at a time.

Just imagine the possibilities, including replacing your current heating and cooling systems with one ductless air system. Or, installing a ductless system to provide the right levels of indoor comfort in one or more rooms your central heating and cooling systems can’t reach.

Here’s more to like about a ductless air system:

  • Remote control operation
  • Super quiet
  • Up to 30% energy savings when compared to central air conditioning

For even greater flexibility and energy savings, your ductless system also can include the following:

  • Wireless Remote Control. Now you change temperature settings from any spot with Wi-Fi access.
  • Automatic Sensor. Some ductless systems include 3D technology so they can automatically scan a room for occupants and then deliver just the right amount of conditioned air.

Does a ductless air system sound like it might help upgrade your current home comfort levels while also cutting back on your utility costs? If so, contact Plenarius Comfort Solutions today for a free in-home comfort consultation and new system proposal.

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